with Cambodian students at Pannasastra Univ.
with Cambodian students at Pannasastra Univ.

Welcome to ADYF!!


ADYF is a student association, studying development issues in developing countries especially focusing on Asia.


The member consists of university students from various majors, who hope to work for development in Asia in the future.


From 2015 autumn to 2016 winter, we are studying about Cambodia.


The topics are

1. Forest preservation

2. International cooperation

3. Landmine clearance

4. Water pollution of lake Tonle Sap


We are going to do field work in Cambodia from 2/17 to 3/3 2016!



ADYF recent higlights


Aug. 22 - Sep. 3 Field Research in Mongolia!

Four teams carried out researches on the following topics. The Education team visited kindergartens and stayed with nomadic families to interview about the preschool education in Mongolia, trying to find out which form of preschool education is the most suitable for nomadic way of life. The Healthcare team conducted a follow up study on Japanese "okigusuri" project aimed to promote the traditional Mongolian medicine. They interviewed families and organizations involved and analyzed the efficiency of the project. The Desertification team compared ways of grazing and land condition to North-West of Ulaanbataar and to South of Ulaanbataar, trying to understand the effect overgrazing might have on desertification. The "Blue Sky" team interview the inhabitants of the Yurt district of Ulaanbataar and governmental bodies involved in air pollution problem in Ulaanbataar, analyzed their connection and roles in pollution problem.


Mar.17-26 Field Research in Vietnam!!

We went to Vietnam to conduct our field research. Team education visited NGOs and UNICEF, and interviewed about education especially for ethnic minorities. Team Garbage Problem visited Recycle Villages, waste disposal site and so on. They conducted research on how recycle system in Vietnam works. Team Tourism visited some villages ethnic minorities live and stayed with the villagers. Their theme is '' how tourism effects villages and how villagers think about it''.


Sep. 11-19   Field Research in Cambodia !!


We went to Cambodia to conduct our field research, visited NGOs such as WorldFish Center and Transparency International.

Both teams went on field-work to villages.  For example, Team Commons visited a fishery village called Kampong Phluk

to listen to commune chiefs, community fishery chiefs, and several local fishing people.

We discussed the positive and negative aspects of development with Cambodian students at Pannasastra University.


Pictures are coming soon !


Sep. 23        Asia Student Conference


We attended Asia Student Conference, initiated by NPO "HERO".  Various volunteer student groups gathered to interact

with each other.  ADYF, as a single research-based group there, learned a lot from them.


Oct. 27        Presenting our Research Day


We presented our summer research to the seniors of our group.  We are so grateful that they came so far to give us 

constructive advice.


Dec. 1          Asia Pacific Student Symposium


We presented our summer research at Soka University.  The audience seemed so interested that they asked a lot of questions

about it.  Having a discussion with them was mutually inspiring.


Jul.13         Debriefing Session for OB&OG


We presented our theme and research outline to OB&OG. They listened earnestly and gave us a lot of nice advice.

After session, we had dinner together and had very good time. 


Aug.20       Interview for Ms.Huda


We met Ms.Tomoko Huda in Komaba campus. She is familiar with Micro Finance in Myanmar and give us a lot of instructive information.

We are greatful for her sparing time!


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